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Sweet Boutique Cakes

Sweet treats for your sweet tooth!

How We Began

Sweet Boutique started as a hobby in the kitchen of Brooke Moore’s home. When Brooke realized that it was becoming more, she asked her sister Stefanie for help.  Within a year of the sisters working together out of Brooke’s kitchen they decided it was time to open up shop.  Neither sister had ever worked in a  bakery environment or had any culinary experience, so they decided it would be best to start small and learn the ropes.  They found a cute little building (1200 sq ft) in their hometown of Cedarville, painted it pink, and Sweet Boutique was born.  The first three years of business were an adventure of learning!  

Time To Grow

Brooke and Stefanie continued to learn and grow the business to the point the small store in Cedarville could no longer keep up, so they decided it was time to expand.  They found a larger store front in Van Buren and moved the business there.  Since opening the doors in Cedarville in January of 2009, the business has grown from having 1 employee and 1 location to now having 10 employees and 1 location,  in Van Buren.  Both sisters still work at Sweet Boutique everyday and continue to learn and grow.