Cupcakes are always available at both our stores. Check our Facebook page for specials!

We offer gourmet cupcakes in our stores, fresh-baked each day. Please call ahead if you want a particular flavor, because they're only here while supplies last!

Of course, you can always order any of our wonderful cake flavors in cupcake form! Decorated any way you like, flavorful and ready for your party! Contact Us to get started.

Available Daily

Classic Flavors    Vanilla with Vanilla Buttercream  ·  Strawberry with Vanilla Buttercream  ·  Chocolate with Vanilla Buttercream  ·  Chocolate with Chocolate Buttercream

Gourmet Flavors    Reese's  ·  Oreo  ·  Death by Chocolate  ·  Red Velvet  ·  Strawberry Delight  ·  Strawberry Cheesecake  ·  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough  ·  Turtle Cheesecake  ·  Lemon Raaz  ·  German Chocolate


Please call ahead to check for availability    Banana Pudding  ·  Lemon Madness  ·  Lemon Drop  ·  PB&J  ·  Carrot  ·  Butterfinger  ·  Maple Bacon Pancake  ·  The Elvis  ·  Hummingbird  ·  Lemon Blueberry  ·  Blueberry Cream  ·  Dreamsicle  ·  Root Beer  ·  Salter Carmel  ·  Mounds  ·  Italian Cream  ·  Thin Mint  ·  Tiramisu  ·  Chocolate Covered Strawberry  ·  Margarita  ·  Raspberry Truffle  ·  Peppermint  ·  Carmel Apple  ·  Snickers  ·  Strawberry Lemonade  ·  Key Lime  ·  Pumpkin

If you want a bunch of cupcakes for a special event, Sweet Boutique can help! Please fill out the form below to get started.

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