Wedding Cakes

wedding-cakeYour wedding day is always going to be an extra special day. But planning for it - that can be stressful. With more than ten years behind us making awesome wedding cakes, we're here to help!

We'll introduce ourselves with a free, one-on-one cake tasting. Just let us know what flavors you want to try out! We'll listen to your unique ideas and desires, and work with you to make a unique masterpiece for your special day.

To schedule a cake tasting, please fill out the form below. We can't wait to help you plan your wedding!

Cake Flavors

White (Vanilla)  ·  Chocolate Fudge  ·  German Chocolate  ·  Strawberry  ·  Lemon  ·  Red Velvet  ·  Carrot  ·  Italian Cream  ·  Banana  ·  Coconut  ·  Vanilla Pound  ·  Chocolate Pound  ·  White Chocolate Pound  ·  

Icing Choices and Fillings

Buttercream: Vanilla  ·  Chocolate  ·  Peanut Butter

Cream Cheese: Vanilla  ·  Raspberry Cream Cheese  ·  Strawberry Cream Cheese  ·  Lemon Cream Cheese


White Chocolate and Chcolate  ·  Strawberry  ·  Raspberry  ·  Lemon Curd  ·  Vanilla Mousse, Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Mint Mousse, Cheesecake Mousse  ·  Coconut Pecan  ·  Cookies and Cream  ·  Chocolate Ganache  ·  Coconut Mounds, Chocolate Hazelnut  ·  Lemon Raz

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